Accessibility Action Plan 2018-2021

Corporate and Culture


The Plan takes account of feedback provided by the Premier’s Disability Advisory Council regarding action being undertaken by the Department, and consultation with DPAC employees, through the Accessibility Action Plan Working Group. Consultation undertaken by the Communities, Sport and Recreation (CSR) Division during the creation of Accessible Island has also been incorporated into the Plan.

Following the introduction of the State Service Diversity and Inclusion framework in May 2017, DPAC undertook an agency wide consultation process to develop an agency specific plan. All employees had the opportunity to participate in the process and feedback was used to inform the new DPAC Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, which included conducting a Diversity Census of all DPAC employees in late 2017, unconscious bias training for managers, a commitment to enhancing and promoting workplace flexibility, commitment to review recruitment processes, and the development of an accessible properties strategy. In 2018, DPAC is again consulting agency wide with all employees to develop diversity and inclusion strategies.