Amending the Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008


Minister’s Foreword

Image of Minister Elise Archer

The Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 (the Act) sets the Tasmanian Government’s legislative framework for action on climate change and guides our response to climate change mitigation and adaptation in Tasmania.

The Act requires an independent review be conducted every four years. Based on the outcomes of the most recent independent review, we are taking the opportunity to strengthen our legislative framework for action on climate change by amending the Act.

The benefits of amending the Act include consistency with national and international agreements, improved capacity to respond to climate change risks and opportunities, and better guidance to assist our decision makers address the critical issue of climate change.

The release of Climate Action 21: Tasmania’s Climate Change Action Plan 2017-2021 (Climate Action 21) in June 2017 demonstrates our commitment to taking action on climate change.

The Tasmanian Government has committed $3 million in new funding to support the implementation of Climate Action 21. This builds on over $400 million already invested by the Tasmanian Government to support action on climate change, including a significant investment in irrigation, infrastructure and the Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme.

The Tasmanian Government also has a strong commitment to advancing Tasmania’s renewable energy capability. In August 2017, we committed to making Tasmania renewable energy self‑sufficient and announced a target of an additional 1,000 gigawatt hours of renewable energy generation in Tasmania by the end of 2022, to replace power imports via Basslink. This target will enhance Tasmania’s place as the renewable energy battery of the nation and improve energy security.

In 2016, our net emissions declined by 100 per cent from 1989-90 levels, down to -0.01 mega-tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. This means that Tasmania is proudly the first jurisdiction in Australia to achieve zero net emissions ahead of our target date of 2050.

This Discussion Paper outlines the Tasmanian Government’s proposed amendments to the Act in response to the 2016 independent review, and seeks input from the community on these proposed amendments. It highlights the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to responding to the risks and opportunities of climate change in an informed and practical manner.

I look forward to hearing your views.

Hon Elise Archer MP

Minister for Environment